Digital Fingerprint (You can not avoid online tracking )

Today we are going to talk about digital fingerprint and Online tracking of the fingerprint. Whenever you think that you are secure and protected from any type of hacking. At that time you are really in the world of hacking where data are not secured.

We all are familiar with Fingerprinting. They are commonly used as reserve measured to identify criminals. Now such a mobile and computer have also come mobile and computer which we can lock and unlock by our fingerprint. Ther are over 500 online sites that nearly one-third of  Americans hide their identity before the login. And used a secret password to visit the websites.

From the news sites to porn websites, people who run unauthorized sites are checking the gadgets and devices that don’t easily hide your fingerprints. now it doesn’t matter if you turned on private browsing or you are using clear tracker cookies or run the internet through a virtual private network. Hackers are now working by giving the do-not-track option to get your fingerprint. They are doing because now we have become even more sensitive to our online privacy. Private confidential data has now become a weapon and we remain far from behind this race Hackers track us in our online activities and browsing ways.

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After this, these unauthorized sites are extremely common and attractive content forced our browsers to visit their sites. However, their real purpose is to gain some technical information about our computer screen like what is our computer screen resolutions, your operating system or what fonts you have installed? Using all the diagonals jointly, Hackers create an approximate image of our devices that are unique just like our thumb skin.

 How to do Fingerprinting

Such sites can use your digital fingerprints to see what and how long you visited the site. They made your fake profile as well as broadcast your ads to your favorite site. Not only that, they can use this to help you share your password, identify cheats, and block harmful bots.

There are more than 183 sites:

Over 183 fingerprints have been tracked who stealing your fingerprint. They have been identified from the government department from September 30  to October 8. Of these Washington, post spoke 30 companies and sites, while some claimed that the fingerprints were taken according to industry -standards. At the same time, many others said that they did not realize that it is collecting our data on its own. Many of them do not know that this also happens because they allowed advertising and data partners to operate parts of their websites. So far, fix sites said they would remove the fingerprinting code about the IDS. These include four sites operated by the US government

Famous Websites also included :

This illegal fingerprinting is taken place at sites you don’t even think they could. These include well-known websites like thesaurus dot com and an all-recipes dot com. Even, the maker of online security and privacy provider software, is involved. Many large American newspapers and news channel sites also engage in different ways.

At the same time, porn sites use fingerprinting to track people who know them in a private -browsing mode.

The  Washington Post website also figure its visitor when it has blocked cookies. FingerPrinting has been developed to be out of the user’s control. It also ignores your information when you have made your fingerprint so unique that it cannot be captured on the tracking parameters.

How is fingerprinting done?

Fingerprinting sites do not know us by name, but they formulate a blueprint based on information from our browsing data. When you upload a site, the fingerprinting code starts asking your computer for things that are not part of the normal process of the running page. They know which operating system you are running, which fonts you have installed or what fonts address is on your internal network. This makes you look different from others visiting the site. Some sites also use the ‘do not track ‘ Option as their tool.

Many times fingerprinting code also handles the digital equivalent of sonar testing, which indicates what comes back from the other side. The website Code instructs your browser on how to draw text. Coding for fingerprinting many include words or symbols that never appear on your screen.

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But these help websites track minute differences in how each device reacts. Not only this, but these sites can also fingerprint through the application available on phones and tablets.

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