IRCTC Master List -Book Your Ticket (Tatkal ticket) in Minutes

IRCTC Master List -Book Your Ticket(Tatkal ticket) in Minutes. .IRCTC Master list is a saved list of passengers that can help you booked your ticket immediately. Yes, as we know that in today’s life often we have to travel in immediately. So we have to need to book a tatkal ticket. So, today I am going to tell you how to reserve your seat online which is much easier than counter ticket booking. Because here you won’t have to stand in a long queue and waiting for your turn. And no need to go out to book your ticket. You can book your ticket from your home in seconds. while booking the tickets, the user has to fill the details of all passengers separately.IRCTC Master List -Book Your Ticket(Tatkal ticket) in Minutes.

Sometimes this process takes a long time due to this the ticket went into the waiting list. To fix this problem the Indian railway brought a master list feature to save your time and book your ticket easily.

According to this feature, you can already fill up your passenger details and keep it safe. And after this next time whenever you will need to book your ticket you won’t have to fill the information separately.

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This makes it even easier to book tickets. If you don’t know how to use this feature just don’t worry. Here you will get complete information to book your ticket using the Master List feature.


How to use “IRCTC Master list


IRCTC Master List -Book Your Ticket(Tatkal ticket) in Minutes

  1. First of all, go to the official website of IRCTC. At the top right, click on the three dots (…) where shows the menu. From here you have to need to log in from your ID.
  2. After that again click on the same menu button And here you will get the option of My Account just click on it.
  3. Next Click on My Profile and from here you will get an Add /Modified Master List option. Click on that.
  4. Choose passenger type from the given screen where you will get options like -Normal, Divyaang, Journalist.
  5. Here you have to fill your Name, Date of birth, gender, and type of seat. This will create a Master List of your passengers.
  6. After submissions whose name you have attached will appear downward and from the top again you can create a new passenger’s master list.
  7. Whenever you will book your ticket you just click on Book now and you will be redirected on the booking screen, here you will get My saved Passengers list option. just click on it.
  8. After that, you will see the list of all members add in your master list in the lest side. On clicking on the checkbox you can add the members. for adding them you have to need to click on Select passengers.

|Do You Know About Tatkal and Premium Tatkal Ticket Booking|

yes, tatkal and premium tatkal booking? mostly we know about the tatkal ticket means booking of the ticket just one day before traveling. When you visit the official website of IRCTC for online booking then, there you will get many options like -General, tatkal and premium tatkal, etc. We used a tatkal option to book the ticket just one day before to travel.

But do you know the difference between the tatkal ticket and premium tatkal ticket? stay on the page and scroll down the page. I am going to tell you about both the tatkal and premium tatkal tickets.

Meaning of tatkal and premium tatkal ticket:

just 24 hours before the train running you can book your tatkal ticket for any train. Charges of Tatkal ticket is fixed.for which we have to pay more charge than the normal charge of the ticket. For the second class booking, we have to pay 10% more than the normal price. And for the other class, we have to pay 30% more than the normal price.

On the other hand charges of the premium tatkal ticket are not fixed. In the premium tatkal ticket, you have to undergo dynamic fare for all the classes. Where fare changes place with the ticket booking.

Premium Tatkal ticket booking keeps changing fares according to the availability of the seats.

In the simple word premium tatkal tickets are more costly than the tatkal tickets. Reservation ticket booking at the IRCTC website starts from 10:00 am onwards. In which AC reservation starts from 10:00 am and Non Ac Reservation starts from 11:00 am. And tatkal Ticket can be booked just before the one day of traveling.

Book your tickets from IRCTC website with these simple tricks:

It’s very simple to book your ticket on the IRCTC website and the price of the ticket is fixed. By creating a login ID anyone can easily book tickets from this Website. But people face the problem when they want a tatkal ticket or ticket in an emergency. let me tell you anyone can easily book her/his ticket from the IRCTC website. the emergency ticket can book just before 24 hours before traveling.

How to book your Emergency ticket:

  • Log in with your user ID and password on the IRCTC website for tatkal booking.
  • Now, click on IRCTC tatkal autofill form.
  • Fill the details of the passenger and click on the submit button.
  • Now your tatkal ticket has been booked.

Charges of emergency tickets:

The price of Tatkal tickets is fixed. For the second class booking, we have to pay 10% more than the normal price. And for the other class, we have to pay 30% more than the normal price. Sometimes the price of the ticket depends on the distance you have to travel.

There is no refund on cancellation of the tatkal tickets:

If you canceled your tatkal ticket then there are no facilities to refund your amount back. And this is applied only on confirmed tickets. However, on wating tickets, you will get a refund after deduction in money as per the railway rule.

Charges For Ticket Cancellations :

Ticket cancellation just before 48 hours ago –

  • on cancellation of AC tickets or executive class tickets- Rs 240 has been deducted.
  • And for AC tier 2 /First class tickets -Rs 200 deducted.
  • For AC 3 tier / AC chair car /AC 3 economic ticket – Rs180 deducted.
  • And for the slipper class- Rs 120 deducted.




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