5G Technology -How Does 5G network work ?

5G Technology – 5G is not Only about High-speed Internet. Here Get full Information about 5G Technology. How Does 5G network work and It’s pro and Con in Details? We all know that today we are incomplete without the Internet.

Internet first used in 1960 which called Arpanet. Ever since that, there have been numerous discoveries in the world of the internet. And today we are using 4G technology. The way the demand for data is increasing Day by day. And new technology is being discovered in the world of the internet. Such the way we can expect a fast network like 5G in the future.

Today, many companies are working on this concept so that 5G technology can meet the needs of our future netizens.5G technology is the next version of the wireless network. Which promise to give us more accelerated speeds lesser delays and increased the capacity of transformation.


Function Of 5G (How Does 5G technology work ?)

To know the work of 5G technology, we have to know about two subjects-Millimeter Waves and the network of small cells.4G network used lower frequency Band. This frequency is worked between 2-8GHz.While the 5G network uses high frequency 28 and 29Ghz.  These waves are known as millimeter waves. These waves can carry very high data in less time. 5G is 5-7 times faster than 3G and 4G.

What Is 5g

5G technology will enable instantaneous connectivity to billions of devices, the Internet of Things (IoT) and a truly connected world. Widespread of 5G technology is expected by 2025.

Let’s know about Millimeter Waves

MM waves are an area of the electromagnetic spectrum where the wave pain ranges from 10mm to 1mm. MM waves are longer than the infrared waves or X-rays waves but shorter than the microwave or radio waves. Because of the band of radio frequency occurs in the electromagnetic spectrum between 30 to 300 GHz. The radio wave in this band consists of a wave range of 10 to 1 mm. That’s why it is called Millimeter Band. One disadvantage of millimeter waves is that it cannot cover a long path because usually, it can be observed by the gasses present in the atmosphere.

these waves travel in a single line like from point A to B.It means that any type of disturbance can stop the communication. Even animals can also disturb the communication.

 Two solutions 5G technology challenges

Beamforming and Beamtracking.In simple words, beamforming means to send a beam of radio waves directly to your mobile, but some time beam may not work due to disruption. That’s why your phone may have many more beam and your phone catch the strongest beam by tracking.

If the sender and receiver are not in a straight line the beam may be transmitted from a surface to a precise angle. Then the tool like a beam tracking can use the strongest signal. Even your hand intervention on the mobile antenna can block the beam. The company is working in this regard and consider using two antennae at the corner of the mobile phone.

Small Cell Network :

A small cell network is a subtype of the network. Which can be applied with a large micro-network for example small network which can call pico cell.

The small cell can help reach the 5G network to the extended area.5G technology will use two types of tower, the first one is a big tower we can call this micro-network and a small tower which can call a small network.

While the macro is suitable for large area and small cell network is suitable for a short distance and we can use it in the city or in the building. A small cell network is a type of wireless transmitter and receiver.

5G Small Cell Network
5G Small Cell Network


Uses of 5G Technology:

Smart Homes

It can be Combined with home appliances to manage the home from your destination like office etc. And when you will be reached home you can get a pre-prepared meal. With the help of 5G technology, all home appliances can connect with each other in real-time. And you can monitor these from your destination.

Self Driving car:

5G technology will actually boost self-driving car technology. Because the self-driving car needs to communicate with another car to know their exact location in real-time.

Because it requires a decision in milliseconds to avoid any accidents or any possible conflicts.

Faster Network:

5G technology will be allowed to download data at 10 G/s to 20 G/s speed. Which is similar to the speed of fiber optics.

5G technology provides much higher data rates (1-20 Gbit/s), enabling consumers to download content more quickly. 5G network makes downloading very fast and easy. Audio and Video transformation will be much faster.

More effective and efficiency

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