Advantages and Disadvantages of URL Shorteners

We already know that the URL shortener decreases the length of the long URL to a short URL. If you want to know about the Advantages and Disadvantages of using URL Shorteners, then continue with this article. If you are a newbie, Find more about How to Earn Money By LINK Shortener

. For example,     the short URL takes people to

Advantages and Disadvantages of URL Shorteners

Like as other Technology, URL shortener also have a some Pro and con. We will discuss URL shortener advantages and disadvantages one by one. It depends on you what would you like. Advantages and Disadvantages of using URL Shorteners are listed below.

Advantage of URL shortener

URL shortener decreases the length of the long URL into a tiny URL. It helps to minimize the typing mistake and make the article more attractive.

Short URL is easy to share on social media and other websites. A short URL is also useful for email marketing because the Email link does not look like a spam link.

A short URL can be easily tracked, and it’s analytics give information about traffic source, country, Device, Browser, and traffic engagement.

Some short URL website gives a custom alias, it helps to make a short URL more specifically.

Some URL shortener pays for sorting a link for example at linkfly, adfly and much more. Payment for short URL or depend on various factors such as a location, content device and time.

URL shortener hides the command structures, transaction paths or session information.

The disadvantage of short URL

It’s Hide the main domain URL, Until user visit on the main website’s. This service is provided by the third party, so there are certain chances of an error on a third party website. For example, a URL shortener website hacked.

Third-party delete the short link if getting more traffic on a particular URL.

Some social media does not accept short links because a Short URL may redirect the user to a spam link.


While considering the disadvantage of URL shortener a few well-known websites now start using their own website for URL shorting. for example, Twitter with, Google with, and GoDaddy with Like a few known websites, everyone cannot set up own link shortener website. So before using a link shortener website, we should make a depth study about the website. Information about the website must include daily uptime of the website, spam factor, SSL certificate, authority and popularity.


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