How to Earn Money By LINK Shortener

Do You Want to Know what is link shorter? And how to make money by Short link form URL Shortner Website? If you are searching for a URL shortener website, Then you are at the right place because in this article you will get your all answers to read this post carefully. In today’s post, you will get complete knowledge on how to earn money by URL shortener. Friends, if we are talking about earn money, every human wants to earn money because without money we can not full fill our basic needs.

Today, I gonna tell you the easiest and best method to make money by a link shortener. If you don’t like to do work hard and earn money too. Then you can earn $5-$20 daily by doing this work.

You can do this work on your WhatsApp, Facebook, and Twitter even movies website. In other words, You can do this work via Social Media. And for this First, You have to know about the link shortening website.

What is Link Shortener and How to used it?

Link Shortener is a website where you can easily Shorten the link of any website like youtube video in can easily short the link no matter how big is the link.

Also, when you short any link the advertisement gets added with the shorten link automatically. And Whenever you share or send the link to your family or friends via WhatsApp or on any other social media and when they are click or open this link then you get money for view of that link.

You get money according to the view on your link. How many people open the link or view the link according to this short link website will give you money.

You will receive this money in the form of the dollar and once you earn up to $5-$10 dollars after that the website payment you by PayPal.

How to use Link Shortner?

it is very simple. For this, first of all, you have to create an account on the link shortener website. and after that, you have to log in with your user id and password on that website. now, a tool is given to shot the link and you can easily short any of the links by using these tools.

you need to copy any of the links before Shorting the link. You can copy any of the links, like movies, videos or music links. And paste the copied link in tools of the website and short the link.

And when people click or open your shared link you will get money as much as the link has been opened or clicked.

Things you have to need to earn money by using Link shortener website :

  1.  One Andriod mobile
  2. Internet connection in your mobile
  3. Basic knowledge of the Internet.
  4. Also, you should know the basic knowledge of social media like Whatsapp facebook and twitter.
  5. one bank account with your name in any of the banks.
  6. You should have a PAN card because at some places you have to need your PAN card.

If you have all these things then you are ready to make money by Link Short Website easily.


List of 5 best Url Shortner Website :

There are thousands of websites available over the internet to make money by the Link shortener website. But you have to know there are many fake websites are available on the internet who take works from you but latter then don’t pay for work.

Here some trusted websites and you can earn a good amount of money from these websites.

  1.  Adfly –
  2. Linkfly-
  3. Sh- 
  4. Ally –
  5. Cuturl-       htpps://
  6. Shortzone- 

How to make account on Linkfly ? 

Here, for example, we make an account on Because it is not possible to create an account on all websites. So one example for you here.

Step 1:

First of all, go to  website or click here (

Now scroll your screen you will get two options in the bottom – sign up & log in. You just click on sign up.

Now a new page appears on your screen where you have to fill your information. here given that How to fill the information in

  1. User name- write your name in this option
  2. E-mail-   Write your Email-ID on this option.
  3. Re-type E-mail- Type your same E-mail once more in this option.
  4. Password – here make a strong password 6-12 letter with characters.
  5. Retype password –In this option retype your password.
  6. Type the text- Here you have given a Captcha code type the same in the text in this box.

Now, click on I agree in terms and conditions checkbox.

make more money by Link Shortener

Now Click on the join option.


After that, you have got a verification link and API code by Open your E-mail account and click on the verification link.

Now copy your API code and paste in API box.

Now click on confirm Registration option.

Again you will get a verification link on your e-mail id. Open the mail and click on the verification link.

Finally, your account has bee created on by using this you can short the link and earn money.

How to work on Link Shortner:

First of all, go to the website. Here you will get two options you need to click on login.

And You must download this website only then you can access it. If you have an android mobile click on the android option and download the app.

After downloading  open the app and log in. Write your e-mail and password in the given box and click on log in.

Now, you are on your page where you can short any of the links.

choose any link you want to short for example link of any music, video or movie link.

Now a box is showing on your page paste the link in that box and click on shrink. When you click on the Shrink option. your link has been shorted.

Now, copy this link and share it with your family and friends on WhatsApp, Facebook or any other social media.

How to make more money by Link Short :

Here given some trick by using this you can make more money by link short website.

You can earn a good amount of money from this software but you have to need some members and you can get members easily here some tips given to make more members.

Make a Whatsapp group add your contacts from your contact list. Your WhatsApp group should be based on some interesting topics like education, news or some romantic music.

And send links related to your topic like news, music, video link on the WhatsApp group. The more people will click on this link the more money you make

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