ISRO Launch Earth Observation Satellite Cartosat

ISRO launched Cartosat -3 satellite from Satish Dhawan Space Centre at Sriharikota. ANd it will revolve 509 km above the ground. This satellite is considered to be the eye of Indian in the sky, and it will prove to be very helpful for the army as well as security agencies. This is the biggest mission of ISRO after Mission Chandryaan 2.

Cartosat -3 was first to be launched on 25 November, but later its date was changed and it was launched on 27 November.

What is Cartosat- 3 satellite?

Let us know that Cartosat- 3 satellite is the ninth satellite of Cartosat series which has been launched to monitor India’s border surveillance, two more satellite RISAT-2 BR1, and RISAT 2 BR2 after ISRO Cartosat-3 will be launched next month from Shiharikota with the help of PSLV C-48 and PSLV C-49. Explain that Cartosat-3 will be installed in orbit with an inclination of 97.5 degrees in space 509 kilometers away.

ISRO has successfully placed 13 small satellites in the US along with Cartoon in their orbits in space. Cartosat-3 will keep a closely watched on every enemy activity. 13 small satellites of the US have also been sent from PSLV carrying the rocket. Prior to this, ISRO has sent eight satellites of the Cartoset series.

PSLV C-47:

The PSLV C -47 rocket was launched from Sriharikota on Wednesday at 9:28 am. It has carried with it third- generation Earth-imaging Satellite Cartosat-3 and 13 commercial satellites in the US. ISRO says that recently formed commercial arm New Space India Limited had already tied up to launch 13  American nanosatellites.

Cartosat-3 weighing around 1625kg will be installed in orbit 509 km away. Cartosat -3 will work for five years. A clear image of Earth can be taken form the Cartosat Earth Observation satellite. Its picture will be so clear that the time of the clock tied in the hands of a person can also be seen clearly. Its main function is to closely monitor India’s land and borders from space.

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